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Bobombeatlejuice was created after Bob (named after my late dad Bob or Robert Allen Mendoza) bomb (My father in the Vietnam war. In the U.S. MILITARY, he was a green beret special forces 1st cavalry top sniper and explosive detonator expert (U.S. Army E.O.D. aka U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal). Beatle (My father was also a big Beatles fan) and Beatlejuice. (My father's lucky number was 5 he was born on May 5th, 1946, Cielo de mayo, and died on March 5th, 2015).
My father has numerous honors and accomplishments in his life, as for the military he was awarded two purple hearts for two 18 month tours in Vietnam plus two silver stars, six bronze stars and top sniper medals, and many more, etc.
He got a full military funeral service with full honors, the taps, folding of the U.S. Flag, 3 round rifle gunshots by 9 gunmen, that's the 21 gun salute.
I love my father dearly and likewise did love me too. He will always be my great hero champion of God which is the quote I made personally for my father's tombstone plaque. 
On the last day of my dad’s day, he gave me his blessings and wished me a safe drive to school and have a great day for him, although he smiled as I left a gentle breeze came in and as I walked out Death walked in.
Yet My Father always so bravely fearless was already ready for death’s greetings as if he welcomes it in as an old friend goes the saying.
My dad was fearless and happy even in the sight of death all he could do was smile and go with it with no fears for the grim reaper.
Ergo, that was a righteous hero’s death, one who can face death with a smile, that’s unheard of yet this was my father how great of a hero and champion of god in his life. 
My Dad, He had it all in his life and was happy with nothing to lose only glory to gain from his story. 
Which I got to tell of it in a persona especially addressing my father as I am his child following into his great footsteps on my own path as an artist/designer, he always believes in me without a doubt, that I was a true artist of God and that I am capable of anything and everything I wanted to do.
My Dad believe that for me to be the impossible made possible. He blessed me with greatness and wished me the great responsibilities of making it happen.
With Greatness comes great responsibilities and My dad was the example of what he taught me and believed in me to do in my life as he did in his life so mode it be, Amen.--->:D>GVOKX<
Bobombeatlejuice is a great tribute to my dearly honored rip Father Bob (Robert Allen Mendoza), my hero and dad, the Great Hero Champion of God. This great honorary personal tribute is an animated poster/ motion graphic gif that contains 4D or 4-dimensional  animations & multi-layered photographs & animations with customized typeface combinations. The photograph of a costume design Cheshire cat headpiece for my persona’s lifestyle. The Motion graphics effects with pentagrammic animated logos and a 2D character figure dancing into thematic persona photograph poster motion graphic gif.




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