Gvokxyiel Manifesto’s SUPERHEROES PROJECTION INSIDE OF THE INDIVIDUAL emerges from the eternal identity’s core to outer Explosion: I am That I am Zero the Hero!

Gvokx’s Visual Identity Systems’s Purpose is to design for personas to rise from within for the individual that it speaks to, for example, each individual person is unique and is their own hero in and of their own story, ergo every individual has a hero’s journey of their own to tell. 

Visually-speaking personas as alter-ego identities for the individual to truly be themselves without fear of outside judgment of others. Personas are Visual identity systems of the individual’s desires to express their own alter-ego’s expression to explore their persona’s hero’s journey in an alter ego manifestation of an alternative reality ergo the imagination of the hero’s journey. The mask of the persona you wear it as a disguise long enough to become one with it as a persona manifestation of oneself alter-ego vs. reality.

This can become a key tool to a doorway system for the identity to emerge in visual designs around its identity’s association. For example who is your hero, whom do you aspire to be like, is the person you want to be your hero, well, why not? Shouldn’t the person you want to be, a hero, be you, ergo you are the hero? Or evidently, you are your own hero? Because only you can change you and only you can be you because everyone else is taken, paraphrased partial quote from the great poet and writer Sir Oscar Wilde. 

So to speak freely and boldly be yourself as whom you are meant to be a hero, disguised in an identity system of an alter ego persona. At least, you are brave enough to admit you need a hero, the question at heart is, why not be your own hero, because at best, you are serving yourself as your best version of whom you want to be, a hero to yourself. 

So Therefore you are Welcome to Dare yourself, to Look inside yourself, look up to yourself, and look only to yourself for the answers to your questions that lie within your dreams to unlock them and see your dreams with imagination what you can do and want to do and become it manifesting it as an alter ego persona hero’s destiny/journey, be it, as the saying goes if you can “dream it, be it”- from Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Someday in your hero’s journey of your story to be told one day, If anyone asks how you become you, in your hero’s journey that is, “HERO!,” tell them: Gvokx’s sent you,--- a message from Zero the Hero. 

GVOKXYIEL MANIFESTO’S WELCOME HEROES!!!----(Warning! Gvokx here to say I am not responsible for what kind of hero you chose to become a hero or villain that’s up to you I am only a messenger of greatness calling you if you dare to ask, great be your destiny, be on guard for what you manifest it yours to own and yours only, ergo, with great powers comes great responsibility--- Spiderman's Uncle Ben from the great late Stan Lee.)