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Vaskyihalo's Vas means “Vessel” Sky means “firmament, heavens, sky; cloud; a cloud of mist or vapor; fog, mist; (astrology) certain configuration of the heavens; (astronomy) sphere of the celestial realm; (physiology) cloudiness, smoky residue (for example, in urine)”) [and other forms], from Old Norse ský (“cloud”), from Proto-Germanic *skiwją (“cloud; sky”).

Halo means A circular band of colored light, visible around the sun or moon. In religion, spiritual nimbus, a luminous disc, often of gold, is around or over the heads of saints.

The metaphorical aura of glory, veneration, or sentiment surrounds an idealized entity.

Ergo together means Vas (Vessel) + Sky (Heaven’s cloud/celestial realm) X Halo (a divine aura of holy glory) = Vaskyihalo is a Heavenly celestial vessel sentient being embodiment by a divine aura of holy glory.

Also, the name is one of my personas/alter ego concept characters in my manifesto lore.

Vaskyihalo’s Star-tetragrama of 4D or 4-dimensional thematic persona photograph poster motion graphic gif.

The animatically graphic poster gif is 4-striped/4 split-bar layered side by side cropped & composed together with the 4 selfies/4 photos compositions of myself in the persona mode of Vaskyihalo.

This is four-layered with a visual graphic illustration designed poster gif.

The 4D or 4-dimensional selfie persona poster gif contains animated logo semiotically magick symbols in white geometric formations of motion graphic effects persona’s world.

With some lyrics from the music song Capitol by Tr/st.




VASKYIHALO!: Pro Gallery
VASKYIHALO!: Pro Gallery
VASKYIHALO!: Pro Gallery
VASKYIHALO!: Pro Gallery
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