Gvnoirigvneko’s Gv is the phonetic of Gvokx with Gv + Noir (color black in French) + Gv + Neko (cat in Japanese), Ultimately it is Gvokx the Black Cat, a familiar spirit animal persona from my childhood, I was always wearing black and loved the anime the adventures of black cat cop.
Gvnoirigvneko is a pentagrammic 5D or 5-dimensional thematic persona photograph poster motion graphic gif.
The animatically graphic poster gif is 5-striped/5 split-bar layered side by side cropped & composed together with 1 selfie video/1 motion graphic video with motion graphic overlay compositions in the light of myself in the persona mode of Gvnoirigvneko.
This is multi-layered with a visual motion graphic illustration designed poster gif.
The 5D or 5-dimensional selfie video montage Black cat costume design look persona poster gif contains animated logo semiotic symbols in geometric laser star/ comet ball animated distortions fish-bowl lenses effect persona’s world.