Ionerokgrimoiri’s Ion ( is a particle, atom, or molecule with a net electrical charge.) + Nero (is the color black in Italian) + Grimoir or Grimoire (also known as a "book of spells" or a "spellbook" is a textbook of magick).
Summoned together as one name is Atomic Black Magickan, aka Ionerokgrimoiri a persona of magick in the concept characters in my manifesto lore.
Ionerokgrimoiri’s triagramic 3D or 3-dimensional thematic persona photograph poster motion graphic gif.
The animatically graphic poster gif is key focally cropped & highlighted & composed together with 3 selfie/3 still-image photos with motion graphic overlay compositions in the light of myself in the persona mode of Ionerokgrimoiri.
This is multi-layered with a visual motion graphic illustration designed poster gif. The 3D or 3-dimensional selfie costume design Goth-Moth Metalhead look persona poster gif.
This 3D costume design persona look contains a demons and devils faces like look with an animated logo semiotic symbols of magick formations animated distortions motion graphic effects persona’s world.